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Nicko Wooden Balance Bike – Panda

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Nick Wooden Balance Bike – Panda

Wooden balance running bikes are the perfect way to teach a child the basics of balancing. By using their feet to balance and push themselves along there is no need for stabilisers. Once your child masters the basics on their balance bike they can start to free wheel which puts them in great stead for when they upgrade to a real bike. Our wooden balance bikes come in a range of colourful designs, suitable for boys and girls, making learning to ride a bike fun, easy, exciting and stress free for parents!
  • Eco friendly painted birch plywood frame.
  • Easy to assemble, Allen keys and instructions included.
  • Suitable for most 2-5 year olds, dependant on height of child.
  • Puncture resistant 28cm Eva foam tyres (not air filled).
  • Dampened steering allows handlebars to realign to forward facing.
  • Non-slip grip handle with safety ends.
  • Soft padded seat.
  • Light weight bike (approx 2.5kgs) with built in carry handle.
  • Adjustable saddle height – 35cm or 38cm from ground, please check your childs inside leg measurement.
  • Bike size: 85cm x 37cm x 54cm (LxWxH).

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Balance Bike


Unisex Children

Wheel Size


Number of Gears


Frame Material


Frame Size

5 1/2″

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